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When it comes to cycling fashion off of the bike. Cyclists need a lot of help. It's hard to make cycling cool when most riders off the bike spend their time wearing polos tucked into their pleated pants and the only accessories is an oversized belt clip phone holder. The other end of that fashion spectrum is inevitably, at any social gathering among cyclists, whether it be at someone's house, a bar or a shop after normal working hours, there is always someone that shows up in a kit. Why? We get that you ride and we get that you love cycling. I even saw some guy show up in jeans, crocs and a long sleeve jersey as his shirt.

We can and we must do better. In the old days most folks would show up with an old race tee that they got with an entry fee. But what to do when you want to look a little stylish and still show off your love of cycling? Along comes Thread + Spoke. They make off the bike cycling fashion happen in witty, stylish, funny and punny shirts. Along with that they have started to enter the art space with some really creative and aesthetic pieces.


I own one of their many different shirt designs. It took me a while but I got the reference and so can many "in the know" cyclists. It's a shirt of the Mount Ventoux running club with an anonymous rider running a hill with his helmet on. This of course referring to Chris Froome's infamous ride, then collision, then run up Mount Ventoux where the fans were a little more than invading his space. For those who don't get the reference, it's a stylish tee made of soft cotton that looks good anywhere. A true inside joke but on the outside a great shirt that stands on its own.

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The way Thread + Spoke works is they have different collections for just about every type of cyclist. Within each themed collection they have various shirts for tastes within that category. They have a Spring Classics collection for fans of Belgium and cobbled races. They have a Tour Collection for the Grand races, a Hollywood collection mixing elements from pop culture like Star Wars and famous coffee shops with cycling mixed in. They have a collections for the fat tire enthusiasts and collection for the super hipster cyclocross folks. What sets Thread + Spoke apart from the multitude of other cycling themed designers are the fact that they are also a bit of a network. They receive work from various artists and showcase their work on their website. This ensures that designs remain fresh and up to date and other artists have a place where people can check out their and other peers work in one convenient place.

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In addition to an almost endless line of great tees that can be proudly worn in a non cycling public, Thread + Spoke features some great artwork as well. All very stylish and would make anyone's living room, garage or cave look that much better. Shirts are $25 and posters are around $20. A small price to pay for some great style. The company which is based out of Salt Lake City but appreciated by cyclists from anywhere has a goal of bringing those one of a kind cycling shirts to people who share the same passion. The people who design them are truly independent from all over and Thread + Spoke provides a creative place for their work to be displayed and purchased.

The folks here perhaps succeed where others have failed is the philosophy of bringing great designs to people who can keep coming back to the website and expect something new. This is a way to stand apart from your cycling cohorts and the next off the bike social gathering that comes around, you can be a big hit with your cycling and non cycling friends alike. When faced with coming in from work with your work badge and tucked in polo or an old race tee from a decade ago that can barely pass as a cleaning rag, this is the clear choice.


Product Tested: Mount Ventoux Running Club Shirt (medium)              Price: $25

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You'll Love

• Innovative Designs

• Works of Art Posters

• Artist Submitted Work

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• No local ways to try on clothing

• Big logo shirts not for everyone