Skratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix

Skratch labs, based out of Boulder Colorado has in almost five years become one of the best companies to continually produce high quality all natural products. For years, professional cyclists have used their hydration products under the pseudonym "Secret Drink Mix" due to sponsorship obligations. Now they have ventured into creating an Endurance Recovery Mix. When I think of any protein based drink, I think of some oily bohunk named Chet who bathes in Axe body spray and lives at the gym. This is not that kind of mix. Although Chet could very well benefit from it, most endurance athletes are looking for a great tasting recovery drink that ticks all of the boxes in terms of taste and nutrients.

The fine folks at Skratch labs have always believed their products reach people in a very personal level. A company that is largely run by athletes themselves that work tirelessly to provide products that people can use and believe in. As someone who has visited their headquarters in Boulder Colorado, Skratch employees have skills in business as well as some insane skills playing a game of "knockout" at office recess. This work hard play hard mentality shows this company cares about it's employees as people as opposed to productivity drones.


Knock Out - photo by Small Business Revolution


With the simple yet overlooked ethos of taking care of yourself and in turn taking care of others, this product is a natural for ray into the extension of the companies core values. Quite simply, people need to be taken care of. That of course does not only limit to bike rides or runs. Often times after workouts people switch back into "civilian" life and neglect the recovery portion. If people who are on a time crunch neglect their recovery then they neglect their performance. Skratch Labs attempts to bridge that gap in the form of the recover mix. It's great taste and easy to use directions, tastes fantastic, has the perfect ratio of fat, carbohydrate, protein and sugar to sustain your post workout efforts. As someone who has had their fair share of other protein and recovery drinks including the home made variety, Skratch Labs is one of those drinks I wish I had for many years. Whenever a product like this comes along I feel like I have paid my dues for years drinking gritty, sandy gut bombing beverages but this is a breath of fresh air. Immediately the taste brings me back to childhood. It's light enough to want me having more than I should but dense enough to have me feeling energized and recovered. It took a while before I felt hungry for some real food.

Photo by Peyton Skelton. End of 2015 Tour of California.

In a perfect world, we would have freshly prepared meals packed with all the vital nutrients ready upon our return from the trenches but many people don't have that luxury. This products works great because of its portability and all you need is water. If you want you can add milk of nearly any variety. We added water and a few ice cubes to help break up the powder. We were pleasantly surprised that the mixture broke down very easily and didn't harden as some protein powders tend to do. Also it left a much lighter residue on the glass compared with typical powder drinks.


In terms of the taste, it was absolutely delicious. Even after the podcast we went back for more. Although I would not recommend using it if you don't exercise. Sort of the same way I wouldn't suggest you use Skratch if you don't sweat. In a way the Endurance Recovery Mix is so good in taste and quality that I feel that I would have to earn it. I would only drink it after a quality ride. In a way it would make it taste better if that's even possible, make me feel taken care of and give me that warm fuzzy feeling. Isn't that the whole point?

Skratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee. While I've only tried Vanilla, the rest are on the list. Products can be found at fine bicycle retailers, REI and some Colorado Whole Foods as well as


Flavor Tested: Vanilla  Price: $32.50  Resealable bag: contains 12 12oz(350ml) servings

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You'll Love

• Fantastic Taste

• Perfect ratio of post activity ingredients

• Quality company of great people


You Might not Love

• Limited Flavors

• It goes quick