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Cycling and beer go together. No one does that better than Rouleur Brewery. In Southern California, craft beer and breweries go hand in hand. There is a renaissance of great breweries, some small and some well known that have made their mark in the beer world. Rouleur, owned by brewer, cyclist and engineer Rawley Macias features a cycling themed brewery adorned with wheels on the wall, cycling photos and a one of a kind Masi bicycle and custom jersey on the wall. They features about 7 mostly Belgian style beers on tap. They also do growlers and the growing segment of crowlers.


There beers are appropriately named with cycling themes in mind. They feature the “Domestique Blonde”, “The Sprinter Red” “The Puncher Pale” “The Grimpeur Dark” “The Clydesdale IPA” “The Soloist Belgian Strong” and “The Super Clydesdale Imperial IPA”. In an area where most of the beers in Southern California are IPA centric, this is a refreshing change. Don’t get me wrong, every brewery needs an IPA but one of the cool things about Rouleur is that IPA’s are not the central focus as so many SoCal Breweries can be.

The Puncher in particular is a malty yet smooth pale with a 5.8% ABV and 35 IBU’s. It’s perfect for going with most types of food in particular most things spicy as it has the ability to cut through the pallette. Also Rawley’s beer he’s most proud of is “The Soloist” It’s a Belgian strong and has a pretty high alcohol content at 8.8% but very light and smooth with a hint of fruity citrus. It is not very heady and has a tight concentration of bubbles and at only 30 IBU’s it’s very drinkable so drink with caution.


One thing that Rouleur does and does well is the ever popular growing Crowler segment For those that don’t want to take a growler that’s been possibly been sitting in the trunk of one’s car for an unknown amount of time, or has the ability to polish off a growler, clean it, remember to bring it the next time they go to their favorite brewery the crowler is a good option. It’s a single canned beers just for you. You it’s always an amazing sight to see beer that is canned right in front of you. The crowler is 32 ounces with a unique label that features some world champ colors and a discreet chainring at the bottom. This is a great option for the beer enthusiast on the go and has the ability to carry it on their bike.


Rawley was a brewer long before he was a cyclist. A mechanical engineer by trade, in a way for the beer business he has to know what he is doing. The Southern California beer scene is highly competitive so he’s entering a space that has as much failure as it does success. Located in an unassuming industrial park in Carlsbad about two miles west of the beach, Rouleur is a smaller brewery that can hold about 50 people at a time. In fact the majority of the best breweries are located in business park areas where space to brew is not at a premium and there is space to brew some unique beers. Just follow the smell of hops.

As Rouleur is new and an exciting addition to the local beer scene, it remains untested. It’s not that breweries compete with each other necessarily but many breweries and beers have either found their niche or created one. Stone has it’s Arrogant Bastard devotees, Ballast has Sculpin and it’s many variations and both have done very well and now are worth billions. Rouleur has a niche in cycling but is it enough to see the masses flock to the sight of aero wheels on the wall and The Tour de France instead of the Super Bowl? We’ll see. In the meantime after the Grand Opening has come and gone and the brewery settles into it’s rhythm, I’m glad to have a new neighborhood brewery and one that has an owner with the same passions as the rest of us.


Product Tested: The Soloist Belgian Strong and The Puncher Pale Ale           Price: $10 for both including tip.

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You'll Love

• Cycling themed brewery in SoCal

• Passionate brewer and cyclist

• Emphasis on great Belgian beer

You Might Not Love

• You can only get it locally for now

• New brewery in highly competitive market