Pedal Industries Race Day Bags

Pedal Industries does it all in the cycling world but most importantly, they do it with care. From races and events, to definitive cycling gear of looks and performance, they strive to enhance cycling through their unique design.

Our friends and fellow cyclists at Pedal Industries all know what it’s like to have endless gidgets and gadgets along with a plethora of bags to put them in. The creator of The RaceDay bag himself, Todd Brown, has spent his last 30 years of cycling forgetting everything at least once. He decided, after his own race day mishaps and personally experiencing that scatter brain on race day that we are all so guilty of, something had to be done.

We cyclists condemn him for taking matters into his own hands.

We now have a SOLUTION

The idea and design of an all around Cycling bag is born.

When it comes to cycling bag choice. I've seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. I once went to a race and a guy had his kit in a brown paper Ralph's shopping bag. On the other end, I've seen Gucci like designer bags taken to races that will no doubt get funky after gear gets tossed in from a local criterium. This race day bag is the happy medium. Theoretically you could use it as a carry on on a plane or use it for school but make no mistake. This was designed with one purpose. To house cycling gear in a dedicated compartment with a very stylish and even customizable race day bag.




The bag of hopes and dreams not being crushed by forgetting one shoe.

It is simply genius.

Pedal Industries has designed a way to make the most unorganized and cluttered cyclist...organized and clean, but most of all, RACE DAY and RIDE READY.

This bag is a gift sent down from the Heavens for every single cyclist out there...but mostly the forgetful myself. This bag holds everything but the bike. (If we are forgetting our bike, there may be some bigger issues at hand.

You name it...this bag has a labeled compartment for it. Everything and anything from lifesaving Skratch rescue hydration packet to your Garmin heart rate monitor strap.  This bag was specifically designed to fit and store all necessary items for that special race day... or even for those who are packing up to meet their crew for a group ride.

It is a soft bag not designed for fragile gear like camera lenses or podcast microphones. A hard lined padded bottom would be nice so do take care when throwing in helmets or optics. Save this one for being the last thing to stack in your car on your next bike trip.

IMG_2673 2
IMG_3127 2
IMG_3111 2

You may be asking yourself...”where do I begin?! “What do I put in first?!”

Don’t worry, the bag tells you...

There is then a compartment for your....

Gloves, Glasses, Computer & Strap, Jersey/Bibs/Skinsuit & Socks, Nutrition, Towel, Lights, Vest, Arm Warmers & Knee Warmers

Not to mention, two “ BELONGS TO:” options to prevent any possible confusion from all the other Pedal Industries RaceDay bags that will be out there after reading this article.

Hold it like a duffle bag or strap it on like a back pack...whatever suits your fancy.

You may now be thinking...”How the heck does this one bag fit all of this?!”

It’s like a genie in a bottle, it just does.
The ENDURO BAG measures 20 X 13 X 13.5 vs  the Road/XC bag 16.5 X 11 X 11.  Basically, it will fit your full face helmet, plus your half shell along with your pads.

May there now be no Race Day gear forgotten and may the nerves of all cyclist be suppressed on RaceDay morning.

But wait, this is not the end of the excitement! Pedal industries offers customized art and design on top of functionality.

IMG_3147 2
IMG_3148 2

In cycling, customization is king and the amount of things people can do to make it their own is growing. This bag can be used to rep your team, club, business or fly any colors you can think of. For you more artistic types, if you want a bunch of rainbows while unicorns prance around on a beach, consider it done.

Whether it’s for a team, club, or individually, It can be done with three simple steps.

Step One: Choose your product (s)

Step Two: Create your design

Step Three:  RIDE

Get 1 at $99.99, 2-4 at $79.99,  5-10 at $69.99, 11-20 at $59.99
21 + at $49.99

The cherry on top of this cyclist ice cream Sunday...these top of the notch bags are made in California.

It doesn't get much better than this folks

Product Tested: Pedal Industries Race Day bag.

Price: $99.99 (For 1)

For more information about Pedal Industries Race Day bags and other products »learn more

You'll Love 

• Most innovative Race Day bag available

• Compartment for nearly every piece of cycling kit

• Fully customizable

You Might Not Love

• No hard backing/padding to protect fragile pieces

• Not much use outside of your cycling life.