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Assos is an iconic brand that is a fixture in European, high end cycling. With roots based in Switzerland, and skinny models instead of cyclists showing off their gear, the company has gotten some flack in the past for their marketing tactics. That is about to change. Enter Lexie, a fresh faced, positive and strong force in the cycling business world who is here to bring a fresh perspective to the brand. In the United States, there is a push to open up and win over hearts and minds of cyclists who would not be otherwise caught dead in their kit. How do I know this? I'm that cyclist.


Lets pretend the labels were concealed and it became a true blind test. What would the results be? In a word, quality. From their bib short known as the T.ÉQUIPE_S7 it's snug, the grippers don't act like your legs are in sausage casing and they have these perfect placements on the gripper but don't overwhelm the leg band. The bib straps are unlike any other bib I've tried. They are rather wide and are designed to sit just outside the chest. They even have little eyewear hooks if you feel like showing off your body on a hot day. The key though is the chamois. It has a little extra padding in the front area perfect for people who ride on low positions. Perfect for a time trial or crit when you need to get low. The other aspect of it is the memory foam right in the chamois that perfectly cushions the sit bones without that area feeling numb. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that the chamois is not fully sewn into the lycra. The reasoning behind it is it allows more movement between the two pieces. Assos has spent countless design hours perfecting the bib using the finest materials so at a price point of $249.00 it could be the last set of bibs that you need.



Assos is making a change in the industry in some big ways. Lets start with the 10,000 gorilla or in this case trailer in the room. In many ways they are a mobile force on wheels. They travel to bike races, Gran Fondos and press events. It's hard to miss and Lexie and Brock are at the helm. They bring their apparel to you, for people to walk up to, touch and feel and answer questions about the brand. The other aspect is they are being more active in the United States cycling scene. Most notably being the supplier of U.S. National team kits for every world championship and Olympic event. With their unmistakable "A" logo they make a bit of a retro look to USA Cycling, a personal favorite of mine that harkens back to the glory days of 80's cycling and modernized it with the latest in cycling materials and fabric. This change as well as supplying kits for BMC and everyone's favorite cycling network GCN the brand is becoming more recognizable, more approachable and more difficult to say "meh, not my thing."

Photo USA Cycling
Photo USA Cycling
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Assos is also making huge leap in the professional ranks by partnering up with the tour of California. They will be the official clothing sponsor providing all of the leaders jersey's to the lucky riders tough enough to earn it. Lexie mentioned that for the best young rider jersey, instead of a pure white it will have an amazing graffiti like design.

Assos is also making a big push to get the attention of more female cyclists. It's easy to understand how women cyclists might be turned off by a topless model wearing nothing but bibs and using her hands to cover up her chest. Cycling still very much has an element of Machismo and tradition especially in Europe but also they realize they may have been missing out on not just a market but a shift in attitude where sexuality isn't found in a pair of bibs by people who may have never pedaled a bicycle. Is it working? Time will tell but for now, I'll wear those bibs with pride knowing there are some really great people behind the brand.

Clothing Tested: T.ÉQUIPE_S7   Size: Medium   Price: $249.00

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You'll Love

• Incredible quality and craftsmanship

• Memory Foam Chamois

• Race fit and Wide Bib Straps

You Might not Love

• On the high end of price points

• Chamois material in front might feel weird for recreational cyclists