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The SoCal Cyclist podcast was launched in 2016 by avid cyclist Brian Co. Growing up in a cycling family, Brian developed a passion for the sport early on, which has been the cornerstone of the podcast. The purpose of the SoCal Cyclist brand is to showcase real personalities who strive to teach, support, and inspire success in both cycling and life.


After a successful Season 1 and 2 campaign, the SCC podcast burst through the bubble of Southern California and expanded coverage to the international cycling community. Our listenership has grown into a global audience.


SCC’s goal is to create a platform to inform, entertain and inspire people (not just cyclists) to live a purposeful life. The podcast has been listed on iTunes as one of the top cycling podcasts in the world and ranks top 20 of all Southern California podcasts.


About Brian:


Most days you can find Brian out riding on the best roads and trails that SoCal has to offer. Off the bike, he likes to support local breweries and restaurants, or binge-watch Netflix.


Brian geeks out on the latest and most expensive cycling gear (that he usually can't afford). He’s obsessed with following the evolution of bicycles and the sport of cycling.

“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the human race.” HG Wells

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The SoCal Cyclist Podcast is dedicated to crafting and delivering the best cycling content. By having on some of the best representatives of the sport, they can provide a unique and intimate perspective that few people get to experience. 

Become a better and more mindful cyclist and person by making the podcast a part of your practice. 

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