Road to Recovery

May 22, 2018 Brian No comments exist

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Cycling season is in full swing, and summer is just around the corner. Warmer temps, longer days and cycling events each weekend lead to more and more time on the bike. With that, recovery efforts in between rides often fall to the wayside. On this week’s episode we explore innovative and new types of recovery techniques that cyclists can use to get back on the bike and performing at top level. We chat with three health influencers and dive deep into efficient recovery methods!

  • Pro Compression– Compression socks have been used by triathletes, runners, and other sports industries for years. However, Pro Compression, one of the largest US-based compression sock companies, has recently dipped their toe in the cycling market! (Pun intended). We talk with Carolyne from their organization, about the recovery and health benefits of compression socks, both on and off the bike.
  • Cryo Shield Therapy– Are you freaked out by the concept of ice baths, but intrigued by the recovery benefits? Well there’s an alternate version available via cryrotherapy. Brian chats with Brandon and Jessica from Cryo Shield, WHILE IN the freezing cryo tank at their Del Mar, CA location. He also experiences Normatec recovery boots, which not only provide a massage via compressed air, but increase circulation. Hilarious and informative, brrr..
  • Dr. Meghan Helwig is a triple threat; cyclist, crossfit athlete and Physical Therapist. She breaks down the common mistakes that she sees the most in the cycling industry. Meghan offers a wealth on information on both the mind and body aspects of injury prevention and recovery. We also cover easy and practical tips you can do at home, such as breathing techniques, using foam rollers, and noticing stress indicators.

Recovery health is not only an emerging big-business, but imperative to cyclists. Don’t miss this episode, as we shed light on alternative recovery methods for cyclists and athletes alike!

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