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May 8, 2018 Brian 5 comments

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We journey to Monterrey California and check out the Sea Otter Classic. Sea Otter is a multi day bike event with competitive cycling that spans from mountain to road to everything in between. Sea Otter is also known for it’s massive industry expo at the Laguna Seca Raceway. It is there that many brands get to showcase their latest and greatest products for the upcoming season. We pounded the pavement and talked to many of these brands and see what they had this year. Here are a few of some of the things we saw at Sea Otter.

  • Goodyear tires is a name known in automobiles and they have made an investment in cycling tires. Notably tires 25c and above on just about every discipline. Luke Musselman talks about some of the latest tires in their line.
  • In one of our favorite companies, Jake Pantone from Enve composites talks about how they are leading the way with some of their off road options. They have a unique through axle skewers for their forks and a surefire way to keep things secure.
  • Taylor from DT Swiss talks about some of their new gravel and cyclocross wheels. I’ve owned their hubs for years and he has shown me a tool less way to remove a cassette and hub internals. That way you just need a finger and some grease to keep it running smooth.
  • K-edge might be some of the smaller bike accessory pieces but they collaborated with Wahoo Bolt. Tim Kelly, the brand manager at K-edge came up with an aero and clean interface for the Wahoo bolt computers. It coincidentally was the same one that a certain Peter Sagan used as he won Paris Roubaix.
  • Jesse Bartholemew with Quarq has a new way to monitor your tire pressure in real time. It’s a sensor that sits on the valve core and senses tire pressure as the rider uses the bike. It’s a great tool for people obsessed with wanting to know additional metrics on their computers. They will start pricing at $200.
  • SCC alumni Priscilla Savord now represents Fizik. In addition to some of their saddles they are venturing into some new aspects of the game with updated road and mountain shoes. Priscilla was found at Sea Otter dropping some knowledge and giving out espresso’s simultaneously!
  • IRC tires has made a big investment into cycling in the United States. Bruno Suttles has ridden some great tires specifically made for events like BWR. They have a file tread with knobby edges and they run tubeless. The company has a huge following in SoCal.
  • Giant is one of the bigger brands at Sea Otter and Andrew Juskaidas of Giant talks to us as he teases out some of the bigger things coming in just a few short months. He remains tight lipped but you know when Giant teases something, it’s going to be big!
  • Red Shift Sports from Nor Cal has found an interesting take on suspension. They came up with suspension seat posts and stems that have a little bit of give on both ends of the bike. Stephen Anhert explains how these work and also how their kickstarter campaign is going on some of the products. It has wide applications across many cycling disciplines.
  • Jason Prescott from Oakley has two new offerings in the brands iconic eyewear line. The have the Flight and Field jacket featuring new technology called the advancer that helps get rid of fog. They adjust on the fly and are a game changer in the industry.
  • VeloToze has made some great shoe coverings and are one of the industry leaders in latex. Perfect for bad weather, cold, time trialing, keeping your shoes clean and looking good. They showed off Peter Sagan’s world champ striped one’s at the show. They also have a new line of socks entering the market. Joe Fhang one of the co owners talks us through it.
  • Chris Sugai President of Niner bikes talks about a new concept bike they brought to the show. It’s a dual suspension go anywhere gravel bike that looks like it would be great for the zombie apocalypse. It also needs to be said he gave out one of the coolest pieces of swag. A niner branded Spyderco Knife!
  • Vince Colvin from Chumba USA is one of the smaller frame builders at the show. They were there in partnership with Kogel Bearings and State wheels to showcase one of their beautiful handmade steel gravel bikes. Made from Austin Texas, they are true American brand.
  • Jose Mendez of Wahoo Fitness talks to us about how realistic indoor and stationary cycling can be. He lets us test ride a route that simulates going up and downhill on a trainer that changes levels as you ride. One step closer to a true holodeck!
  • Tim Jackson an industry legend is with Irwin wheels to talk about some of the interesting and not too sky high costs of Irwin wheels. They are built tough and have wheel choices for just about every discipline of cycling.
  • Lastly we were hosted by the crew at Skratch labs. They work hard and are dedicated to putting smiles on people’s faces. They featured their bar which is a great alternative to those who are sick of the sweet only options. Allen Lim is creating a movement with Skratch Labs.

Sea Otter did not disappoint and so many people support their products and the sport. Show your love for them by checking out their gear and taking the time to learn about how collectively they are making the sport better. If you love Sea Otter Classic or have always wanted to go, this is the episode for you!

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