An Evening with Chris Carmichael

January 22, 2018 Brian No comments exist

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Live from San Clemente California, SoCal Cyclist Podcast is proud to present an evening with Chris Carmichael in conjunction with Pedal Industries. Chris Carmichael is often considered a pioneer in the modern era of cycling including running one of the largest and most successful coaching businesses in the world. Chris was a member of the 7-11 Cycling team in the 1980’s which was the most powerful American team of all time. Chris has years of experience racing in Europe and has competed at the highest level in the Tour De France. Upon retirement from professional racing, Chris began his coaching career at USA Cycling. It was there he made connections with the next generation of cycling often times referred to as the “Lance” Generation. He formed a unique partnership and bond with Lance and was there in 1999 during Lance’s first Tour de France win.

Chris branched out on his own following the success and resurgence of American bike racing and began his own coaching service. CTS or Carmichael Training Systems is considered to be one of the first coaching methods that brought systematic, scientific training to cyclists of all levels. Chris Philosophy is treating the athletes as a student while the coaches have a mentorship/teacher role. They have measurable goals, training plans and metrics which can easily be measured throughout their training program. Chris has authored several books on training and his coaches have had people reach their goals at the highest levels of the sport. Chris looks at the future of cycling in America as well as the mentality one should have on race day.

Chris is a walking encyclopedia and historian when it comes to experience and training methods and he has the results to back it up. We cover a fun evening filled with laughs about his days getting “old school” bike fitted and gives sage advice on how parents should support their kids in sport. This is a first time live evening with a guest for the podcast and something that was so successful, we’ll try to replicate again. If you are interested in shows like this or even want to attend a live podcast evening, let us know. This is a show that you should listen to and get inspired!

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