Episode 47-Derek Bouchard Hall-USA Cycling President.

March 14, 2017 Brian 2 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Derek Bouchard Hall
Instagram: @usacycling
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usacycling/
Twitter: @usacycling

Derek Bouchard Hall at one time during the late 90’s and early 2000’s was the lead out man of his generation. Often taking teammates like Gord Fraser to the line for many wins during that time. He rode for teams such as Shaklee and Mercury which were the biggest teams in the United States. After his pro career, he went back to school, studied business and worked in England for the brand Wiggle where he gained a large amount of experience. From there he has become the President of USA Cycling and is seen as a breath of fresh air. The Organization has seem many changes in a short period of time and Derek Bouchard Hall is at the helm addressing many of the issues that he either inherited or is currently facing.
With a 15 Million dollar annual budget that is supposed to serve hundreds of thousands of cyclists, USA Cycling and Derek are supposed to determine where resources go and what are the main issues and core values that the organization faces. In the past it was seen as the “Federation”, an organization only devoted to serving elite athletes and trying to medal in world and olympic events. Today that model has changed to not only doing that but also serving people who are new to the sport, want to try different events and have non racers get involved.
Derek realizes the amount of hurdles that USA Cycling has to get over. In the post “Lance era” the issue of doping in amateur races is still an issue. Derek believes that USA Cycling has a role and responsibility to make sure races are run clean, have safety measures, have accommodating and fair officials and provide adequate insurance for it’s license holders. With regard to many of the races that have been taken off of the calendar Derek addresses the fact that other types of cycling need to be looked at. Gravel riding, Gran Fondos and Cyclocross are seeing growth compared to the traditional criterium where participants are beginning to age out. Derek has a huge amount of responsibility, limited resources and a lot of things he wants to see change for the future. This is the chance to hear from the President of USA Cycling himself. His insight and perspective is idealistic and you don’t want to miss this episode! Also we announce the winner of the Cycliq Fly6 contest. Only 5 episodes left!

Recorded 2/27/17

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