Episode 43-Ivan Dominguez- The Cuban Missile!

February 14, 2017 Brian 1 comment

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This Weeks Guest: Ivan Dominguez
Instagram: @iamivandominguez
Facebook: Ivan Dominguez
Twitter: @ImIvanDominguez

Ivan Dominguez has been a fixture on the United States domestic circuit for almost twenty years. He has dominated the sprinting game ousting the best in the world. He talks and reflects about riding for some of the best teams in the United States. Ivan grew up in Havana Cuba and began racing bicycles at the age of 13. Within the next year he was already on the Cuban national team. At the age of 22 he defected to the United States where in Miami Florida, he found racing in the United States. After some local success in Florida he made a jump to the top of the domestic scene when he signed on team Saturn. Since then he has raced for teams such as Toyota United, Jamis Colavita and Rock Racing. He has had a natural talent for sprinting and has won races and stages such as Tour of California, Tour De Georgia and in 2006 was the USA Crit series champion.
After his retirement, he has found a new love in racing Triathlon as he lives and trains in Las Vegas Nevada. He has found success in that arena as well. In many way’s going from being a sprinter to triathlete would be a hard transition but he laments how he regrets not discovering the sport earlier. Ivan Dominguez is not totally done with racing yet. He has guest ridden for SoCal teams such as MRI Monster Media and more recently the Surf City cycling team’s pulling double duty racing with the pro’s and racing in the masters category. He loves leading out the other riders and being a mentor to cyclists as well as a coach. He has a wealth of experience he passes down to athletes.
Also Joining the podcast is Todd Brown of Pedal Industries for the intro as he talks about a unique Orange County event. HUNKR is a 100 kilometer competitive mass start event where cyclists who are hungry for more competition in SoCal can test their skills. The date is March 18th so sign up for this awesome event! If you have been a fan of American cycling, you will not want to miss this episode with Ivan Dominguez. To many he is known as The Cuban Missile!

Recorded 1/21/17

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