Episode 39-Jeremy Powers-The Prince of U.S. Cyclocross.

January 17, 2017 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Jeremy Powers
Instagram: @jpows
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeremyPowers/
Twitter: @jeremypowers
Strava: Jeremy Powers

American and Aspire racing’s Jeremy Powers is one of the most successful, dynamic figures in the Cyclocross world. A four time national champion and a high finisher on many world cups, he has a lot to say about this discipline in the sport. He grew up in America’s closest thing to the epicenter of cross, Massachusetts. As a child, he grew up racing mountain bikes eventually finding his talent for cyclocross. As a racer he split his time between the United States and Europe racing with the best in the world. On the road he raced for the Jelly Belly squad before going full time in cyclocross. He is a master at managing himself off the bike. Doing great things for the sport such as the Jam Fund team, putting on his own Gran Fundo and releasing highly popular videos such as The Book of Cross and Jeremy Powers Cross Camp. He reflects on his season including the various lows and injuries which has seemed to plague him. He talks about some of the major key differences between some of the racing and racers between Europe and the United States and what it takes to have America one day be a force to be reckoned with in Cyclocross. For as busy and stressed as Jeremy is, he is extremely humble yet focused and realizes how the sport has changed and talks about some of the things he’s done to increase the popularity of it. Even though he is not from Southern California, he comments on some of the notable aspects like the Belgian Waffle Ride and some great riding in the community. Jeremy has done volumes for the sport and talks about how he can make it better while being true to himself and his core values. With an unexpected 24th place at the Elite Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford Connecticut after several crashes, we look forward to find Jeremy back at the top of the podiums in the future. If you were ever interested in Cyclocross or what makes Jeremy thrive, this is a must listen episode. We also have a teamwork question that only co host Dave Lawson, SoCal’s Cyclocross resident expert can answer. This is an action packed episode that will inspire you to ride with purpose!

Recorded 1/2/17

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