Episode 31-Richard Wittenberg-Behind the Curtain at Ridley Bikes.

November 15, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Richard Wittenberg
Twitter: @Ridley_bikes
Instagram: @ridley_bikes

Originally from Chicago, Richard Wittenberg has been calling Southern California home for over ten years. He’s been cycling since childhood and has been one of the few people who has worked in the cycling industry long term. In the podcast he talks about some of the great things bike brand Ridley is doing as well as the unique origin of its namesake. Richard talks about what it takes to have longevity in a relatively small industry and how he is able to divide his time between the states, Europe and Asia. At the top end of big brands, it makes for quite a few people that want to now become friends in search for the elusive industry deal. He talks about some of the cultural differences in the cycling world yet how it can become very familiar and comforting no matter where you choose to ride your bike. Being an industry veteran, he paints life in a straightforward way going through some of how he does business and what it takes to maintain those relationships. He also gives his take on the place of disc brakes in the peloton and how they may be here to stay.This is quite the informative podcast! Also, we get to review the highly valuable brand Cycliq Fly6 which makes camera light combos in a clean, efficient and effective way. This product has such an important place on today’s bikes. We also get to learn a little known fact about President Elect Donald Trump. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Recorded 10/29/16

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