Episode 23-Paul Dunlap-Bringing the Bike Shop on The Road

September 20, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Paul Dunlap
Instagram: @velofixsandiego

Paul Dunlap represents a shift and perhaps changing of the guard in the way people pay for cycling. Velofix is a mobile bike shop repair service. They come to the customer and work on any and all repairs that they require. This no doubt has some traditionalists less than pleased. Brick and mortar shops are increasingly under pressure in their service departments to decrease their turnaround time. More people are purchasing less from shops and more online. Velofix bridges the gap between customers who aren’t necessarily loyal to their LBS and want their turnaround times quick. Velofix has mobile bike shops in 48 states and is growing. The demand for more bike shop repair services is on the rise and Velofix is riding the wave. Paul, a SoCal local insists that this model is one that works and has a place in a market where people’s only choice is a shop. In addition to repairs, they are an increasing presence at many cycling events which include races, Gran Fondos and bike to work days. They provide sag support and are even there to lend a hand if you are stranded on the road. They are starting to even sell product and in the future may enter bicycle retail space. Learn more about the ever changing face of the bike industry on this extremely unique and insightful episode!


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