Episode 19-Seth Davidson- SoCal Master’s Doping. We go There.

August 23, 2016 Brian 1 comment

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This Weeks Guest: Seth Davidson
Seth Davidson Bike Injury Lawyer
Strava: Seth Davidson

Every sport or organization needs someone like Seth Davidson on their side. Someone who is passionate for causes and progressing and advocating for the safety of riders and bike racers. Seth is never at a loss for words. An animated character representing Los Angeles, he has ridden and raced all over the world and provides a unique take on the decrease in participation of racing. He also writes regularly on his blog about various cycling topics and events important to the Southern California cycling scene. If that wasn’t enough he is an attorney representing people who have been involved in cycling related accidents. He currently rides and races for the Big Orange cycling team and can be seen at just about every southern California race and various group rides. His take on the sometimes dysfunction of cycling organizations and how people view the subcultures and inequalities and stupidity of doping in cycling is smart and refreshing. We also give an update on John Abate and how he is recovering from his horrific crash plus give a review of some carbon cycling wheels from Mercury. This is a great episode that cannot be missed. Buckle up for Seth!


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