Episode 17-Victor “Slasher” Sheldon- Race Promoting Can be Quick and Dirty.

August 9, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Victor Sheldon
Instagram: @slasher200
FaceBook: Victor Sheldon
Twitter: @200slasher200
Strava: Victor “slasher” Sheldon

Off road racer and co founder of the Quick and Dirty Mountain bike series Victor Sheldon sits down and talks about the off road scene. The race series he helped co create is extremely grass roots. It appeals to a wide variety of people as there are many different categories. It appeals to families as well as there are kids races that are fun and competitive. He see’s his series as a local race and stepping stone for some of the faster people to excel in Mountain Biking. In a world where it is continually getting harder to promote and put on races. “Slasher” has found a formula for growth and success. The secret is hard work, lots of helpful people and a great race community. Putting on a race is insurmountable let alone finding a race that shows growth and a rise in numbers every year. A former top level jet ski racer, he’s taken his skills in and out of the water and translated that into cycling. We also cover some fantastic events happening around the world including the Mens and Women’s Olympic road races. A gutsy and heart wrenching ride by Mara Abbot was seen by most people who don’t even follow cycling. Hopefully it made fans out of them. We also talk about the 55th edition of the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix and hear some input from Dave Koesel from the mens side who finished 3rd in the Masters 40+ race and Joy Mccullough who got 2nd in the Pro Women’s race. We also review the film Personal Gold: An Underdog Story where it tracks the Women’s team pursuit from the 2012 Olympics and overcame incredible odds to medal. Stay tuned for this action packed show!

Recorded 8/2/16

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