Episode 12-Jessica Cerra- Broken bones, unbroken spirit.

July 5, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Jess Cerra
Instagram: @jesscerra
FaceBook: Jess Cerra
Twitter: @jesscerra_

Jess Cerra joins us for this weeks episode of the podcast. She is the co-creator/owner of formerly known, Harmony Bar, and pro cyclist. After some time being a personal trainer, she moved to southern California and became interested in cycling from seeing all the cyclists down by the beach. A friend of hers helped get her into the cycling game, and she soon decided she wanted to do Xterra. She soon began doing triathlons and ended up in the world championships. The CBR was her first crit, but she soon tried road racing and learned she very much enjoyed it. She was also friends with Janel Holcomb who was known to race with her. Later on, she went through two iliac artery surgeries after having troubles in her right leg when running, which resulted in a rough season afterwards. She then goes on to discuss her most recent crash that happened in her latest race at Tour of the Gila. After having to have surgery on her wrist, she had a very long recovery process ahead of her. Though she did miss out on Tour of California, seeing her team do so well she stated helped her through the toughest part of recovery. Though going through all this, she has big plans for the future, and a few changes coming for her energy bar company which she is excited about. Jess is someone who is extremely determined and optimistic about her future. She has had a multitude of resources available to her to reach her potential. Her injuries are severe yet her optimism and her network of friends and family are helping her throughout her recovery process. You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode!

Recorded 6/08/16

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