Episode 11- Adam Mills- Coaching, Racing, Learning, Growing

June 28, 2016 Brian No comments exist

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This Weeks Guest: Adam Mills


Instagram: @worldofmills

FaceBook: Adam Mills

Strava: Adam Mills (San Diego, California)

In today’s episode, we talked with race coach Adam Mills. Starting off his athletic hobby with soccer, he began racing as junior while going to KU. While in college he did his best to work through the ranks, as he slowly began his cycling career. Eventually becoming a cycling coach, we discussed his coaching technique, goal based coaching, and some of the people he has coached including, Joseph Shals, Michael Bolman, and Whitney Alison. He gives credit to Chris Lotts, the man behind the CBR races and the value that those races have in SoCal. He also touches on some of the techniques of rubbing and bumping of crits in the peloton. Then going on to discuss his not being part of a team, while co-managing the Elevate cycling team, as well as the pros and cons to not being part of a racing team. He speaks of how he enjoys being a freelancer so, but would enjoy teammates, especially when racing against bigger teams such as Monster Media and Surf City. If you’ve ever contemplated getting a coach, he sheds light on the cost/benefits and you can see if it is right for you.

Recorded 6/12/16

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