Episode 6- Fred Muir- Take care of your cycling club and it will take care of you.

May 23, 2016 Brian 2 comments

Show Notes

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This Weeks Guest: Fred Muir
FaceBook- Fred Muir/ Swamis Cycling
Twitter- @swamiscycling

Fred is the President of one of the largest and oldest cycling clubs in Southern California. Swamis Cycling has had a great history of producing not only great cyclists but has reached out into other aspects of cycling such as bike advocacy, reaching out to more cyclists of ability levels and has a large presence on group rides and activities. Swamis also has the event Carlsbad Grand Prix which is in its fourth year and part of the SoCal cup series. In the show he talks about what it’s like to run and be a part of one of the biggest cycling organizations around and how he got his start in both the sport and club. Often times a demanding and thankless volunteer job we discuss some of the challenges involved and how the team has evolved past its racing roots. We also discuss the finite piece of road on the coast that both cyclists and drivers enjoy simultaneously and how everyone can learn to share the road. The world famous Swamis ride and the future for this SoCal institution!

Recorded 5/02/16

2 Comments on “Episode 6- Fred Muir- Take care of your cycling club and it will take care of you.

  1. this is the first podcast i’ve tuned into. it was VERY smooth and easy to listen to. Brian, you asked a lot of insightful questions of our Fred Muir. I learned a lot about my club and its history. I also got a peak into the internals of SWAMI’s. Great work, man!!!

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