Episode 1- Greg Romero- How to get with the fastest masters team in the country.

April 23, 2016 Brian 2 comments

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This Weeks Guest: Greg Romero



Strava- BMX Coach

FaceBook- Greg Romero

BMX legend turned Elite Master’s Cyclist Greg Romero sits down for our very first podcast and talks about how he found his way onto the best masters cycling team in the country. We talk about how he is able to translate his BMX background into becoming a very talented criterium racer and why he likes surrounding himself with the eclectic personalities of the Surf City Cycling team. Winner of Manhattan Beach GP as a Cat 2 he explains how he was able to move up in USA Cycling’s category so quickly.

Greg explains what it’s like to be a part of the SoCal cycling scene and why he likes being coached by someone more than a decade younger than him! We get into his focus and goals for the season and how he went from transforming his body from ripped hockey player to lean and mean cyclist.

Recorded 4/20/16

2 Comments on “Episode 1- Greg Romero- How to get with the fastest masters team in the country.

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